BNI Gold Club Wall of Fame


       Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level.

           Visitors are more than just potential members. They bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course, referrals.
           Visitors ensure the dynamics of your chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same.

           Members who consistently bring quality visitors to your chapter are extremely valuable members and we want to recognise them,
           which is why we set up the BNI Gold Club.

           We currently have two levels of Gold Club:

  •            G- Members that have sponsored between 6 and 11 new members
  •            G2 - Members that have sponsored between 12 and 17 new members.
  •           Their efforts are acknowledged at the chapter and regional level and rewarded with a BNI Gold Club Certificate and
  •           Gold Club indicators on their name badge. They also receive additional listing and exposure on the BNI Regional Webite (see below).


                     BNI Double Gold Club Members



         Mr. Shamshuddien Moiden of Prestige Enterprises representing                                             Mr. Arun Pai of Anupam Printers representing Printing category and charter 
 Ceramic Products category and Charter President of BNI UNIQUE chapter                                        Vice Presidents of BNI ADI. He is also trained as Training Ambassador. 
   Shamshuddien has sponsored 17 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.                                                       Arun has sponsored 16 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.                       

                                                                                      Mr. Prajwal Shetty of Uniq Power representing Solar Products
                                                                            category and Charter Secretary Treasurer of BNI ADI. He also plays a role
                                                                                        of Launch Ambassador in BNI Mangalore Regional Team.
                                                                                     Prajwal has sponsored 14 referral partners to NI Mangalore.


                           BNI Gold Club Members

            Mr. Sunildath Pai is a Realtor and was the Charter                                                                 Mr. Aditya Pai of M. S. Pai representing Ceramic Products  
                 President of BNI INSPIRE (Nov'18 to Mar'19).                                                                     He was the former President of BNI ADI (Oct'18 to Mar'19).                                        
            He is also a Launch Ambassador of BNI Mangalore                                                                  Aditya has sponsored 10 referral partners to BNI ADI.                                                                 
        Sunil has sponsored 11 referral partner to BNI Mangalore.                                                             

           Mr. Roshan Baliga of Gee Dee Advertising Pvt Ltd representing                                          Mr. Ibrahim Amanullah of H K Plywood & Hardware representing
Advertising Agency Category in BNI INSPIRE. He was the former                                            Plywood Dealer category and was the Charter Vice President
     Secretary Treasurer of BNI INSPIRE (Oct'19 to Mar'20).                                                                             of BNI UNIQUE (Apr'19 to Sep'19).       
  Roshan has sponsored 9 referral partners to BNI INSPIRE.                                                        He sponsored 7 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.

          Mr. Rajendra Kamath of Royce uPVC Doors and Windows                                                      Mr. Aboobakkar Siddik of Secure Electronics Pvt Ltd                  
           representing uPVC Doors/Windows category in BNI ADI.                                                            representing CCTV Solution in BNI UNIQUE.
           He was a former President of BNI ADI (Apr19 to Sep19).                                                He was a former President of BNI UNIQUE (Sep'19 to Mar'20).
        Rajendra has sponsored 7 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.                                           Siddik has sponsored 8 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.        



 Mr. Anil Nayak of Nayaks Rolling Shutters & Engineering Works                                       Mr. Mahesh Kamath of Mahesh Engineering Corporation representing Civil                          
    representing Steel Fabrication category in BNI ADI Chapter.                                             Contractor category in BNI INSPIRE. He was the Charter Vice President                              
He was the former Vice President of BNI ADI (Apr 19 to Sep 19).                                        and was the President of BNI INSPIRE.  He is also a Support  Ambassador                               
       Anil has sponsored 7 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.                                                                          and Training Ambassador of BNI Mangalore. 
                                                                                                                                                                 Mahesh has sponsored 6 referral partners to BNI Mangalore.  

      Mr. Kiran Sham of Differentech Solutions representing ERP Software                             Mrs. Poornima Shetty of Our Balcony Garden representing Landscape Products 
     Solutions category in BNI INSPIRE. He was the former VIce President                                Products in BNI ADI. She was the former Vice President (Oct'19 to Mar'20).
  (Nov'18 to Mar'19) and presently serves President role in the BNI INSPIRE.                                     Poornima has sponsored 6 members to BNI Mangalore.
                      He is also trained as Training Ambassador.
         Kiran has sponsored 6 referral partners of BNI INSPIRE

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