Tradition + Innovation


Times changed, so did BNI. A 35-year old world-wide organization transitioned to online meetings from in-person meetings in less than a week of world-wide lockdown.

| WHY?

Now more than ever, our members needed support, business and connections to sustain their business. Like how every organization has core values, Tradition + Innovation is one of BNI’s.

Did it work?

April 2020 | Business done = Rs.2.53 Crores

May 2020 | Business done = Rs.3.33 Crores

June 2020 | Business done = Rs.3.35 Crores

What is the opportunity here?

If you are a business owner or entrepreneurs in Mangalore, who wishes to grow your business, you have the opportunity to use BNI platform.

BNI Mangalore – Last 12 months

Business done – Rs.64.17 Crores

BNI Mangalore – Membership

Strong network of 176+ members


Business referrals or word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tool & BNI is the

World’s Largest Business Referral Organization.

| Online Meetings

Adi Online meeting

BNI ADI | Online meeting

BNI Inspire Mangalore

BNI INSPIRE | Online meeting

BNI UNIQUE | Online meeting




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